The moment’s I live for..

*2:30am.. Cue HJ screaming his little fluffy head off..finally settle him again..3:30am.. Cue HJ screaming his fluffy little head off.. settle him..4:10am.. You get the idea..* Being a parent is HARD – and just to clarify, these aren’t the moments I live for. Said child was perfectly fine, in very good health and was just on a major destroy mummy and V’s sanity mission last night. Which he did. Successfully.

One very grumpy mummy up for work at 4:30am. One very grouchy mummy had to do 8 and half hours of tedious stock taking whilst trying to keep her eyes pinned open * I certainly would of passed for some jumped up psychopath, all boogly-eyed with a vicious ‘Do not speak to me unless you’re offering coffee of some sort or chocolate..’ look.

Luckily the mood passed as I left work.. I’ve made a few decisions which will all be revealed in good time. But, better than all that, I came home to see my boy.

We’ve played, sang, had a guitar sesh, eaten and read stories together. We’ve laughed, been silly and enjoyed some quality mummy/son time. And those are the moment’s I live for. It’s one thing I miss about it being just me and Harvey. I don’t get as much one-to-one time with him. And I think i’ve grown to appreciate the time we do have even more now. It feels limited. Half to do with his dad, which is now sorted – I think.

Well, I’m going to leave this post here, because my eyes are now wonky, i’m that tired I could sleep in a thorn bush and my Vin will be home soon.

Goodnight world.




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