Pamper, Periods & Probation review..

Ha. 1st of the month and good old mother nature makes her monthly call. Woohoo..*Secretly wishing I was a man.. well not a man..but.. without all this shit. I mean, a text saying ‘hey girl, you’re not pregnant, congrats, catch up next month!’ would be more than sufficient.*

On the plus side, i’m no longer an emotional wreck. YEY. I mean my personal cheerleader on my shoulder is practically sat fluffing her pom poms and sharpening her claws to attack anybody that starts..she’s back.. and she’s feisty. 

After a complete..embarrassing..breakdown infront of my new boss, being sent home, telling the ex exactly how it is and quite possibly driving my other half insane..*although he’s not said anything, I can imagine him wiping his brow thinking thank fuck that’s all over* I am feeling utterly refreshed although that might have something to do with the fact i’ve had a red hot bubbly bath, scrubbed all the makeup off my face, and i’m currently sat with this foot spa thing Vin bought me on my feet. I daren’t stand up because I can totally see me slipping and fall flat on my booty.


I’ve not updated for a few days as i’ve been trying to get myself back on track, which I think I actually am. I mean, we had a burst kitchen pipe that flooded the whole of the downstairs on Sunday.. this time last week I would have probably cried and insisted the world was ending, but nope, we laughed, splashed in the puddles, and waiting for it to be fixed. No drama.

I’m now awaiting the second half to my probation review *where hopefully, this time, I don’t burst in to tears and in to a full blown anxiety attack* to see what they’re going to do about my hours more formally.

If i’m honest, the job isn’t for me. Vin says not to be too hasty in quitting and I might grow to like it but I can’t see it. It’s mind numbingly boring and you can never do much right. God forbid you actually do fuck up because everybody and their Great Aunt Fanny are on your back within seconds. Nada. Get me back to nursing.

Hey well,

signing off for now.

MM x

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