‘I want Boulders for breastfast’ 



(Cute, and forever funny how T says breakfast 😂)



And they’re awake. T First. L next.. who then took it upon himself to of course go awaken his baby sister who’d been up twice in the night.

I can honestly see how the next 6 weeks are going to pan out..  and we’re not even over the first weekend. PASS ME THE WINE.

L decided to try and feed HJ’s Paddington bear to to the dog.. who then proceeded to escape AGAIN. Cue L screaming the house down due to Daddy giving said Dog his minion.

HJ is currently at his dad’s for the weekend, no doubt sharing a large bag of buttons with his Grandad 🙂

We’ve now got T dressed as Peppa pig and L dressed as some form of superhero..

I wonder if I leave a trail of goodies in to the outhouse they would go outside and play and let mummy get some peace..

Probably not 🤷‍♀️

Worth a try though right?

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