Hello World ❤

So I’m writing my first blog post, laid in a bubble bath, with some yellow sticky shit all over my face that claims it’s going to deep cleanse my skin and diminish the ever deepening dark circles and lines around my eyes.. because being a mom of four is knackering. Being a full time working mom of four means it’s uber knackering. And I could quite easily sleep the weekend through. Luckily V would actually let me sleep for eternity.. I think I might convince him I’m the real life sleeping beauty.. well.. something like that anyway so I can hide away and eat relentless amounts of chocolate without prying little hands trying to steal it or shouting ‘mommy I want some..’ or look at me with big bright eyes and say ‘OOOH chocolate.. I like chocolate’.. well so does mummy. And mummy isn’t sharing. Not today.

So, a little about my brood. There’s 6 of us, a cat and a dog.. who are in essence two more children 🙈  who live in a 3 bed house, in a little village. Out of the 4 non furry children, my son, HJ is the only one who is biologically mine.. meaning I became a step mom of three at a hell of a young age. Would I have ever had 4 children of my own? Probably not.. Would I change my 3 bonus babies? Absolutely not. I love them all the world and more. Even when all four like to do the whole ‘I want I want I want’ parade all day.. every day. And like to burst in to the bedroom at 5am shouting ‘GOOODMORNING’. 

Most people would probably say we shouldn’t work.. It’s bizarre.. how do you cope..  shouldn’t you be focusing on your career.. well.. it does work. We do cope.. sort of (Wine helps 😂), we both work.. And we love our not so little family. 

What people don’t see is the smiles as we all dance around the house to SCLUB 7, the cuddles on a night before bed, the stories we read together, the songs we sing, the love we share for one and other. And we know, as adults, our kids will always have each other’s backs. 

Well.. It’s been 25 minutes and I’m pretty sure this sticky shit on my face is practically cemented in to my eyebrows.. the bags below my eyes still look the same.. just a beautiful tint of.. well..  yellow. I really should peel it off..

Wish me luck..

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